Congrats! You have stumbled across my compellingly odd blog.

My name is Mollie Ryerse, but you can call me Molls. I’m 22 years old, living it up in OR and partially AZ. There are many sides to me that I am still exploring, and that is kind of the point of this platform. I don’t foresee myself posting anything aligning with a specific theme. I’m just here to share, vent, laugh, express, and show the world that it is frickin cool to just be yourself & f✨cking own it! I will post about whatever crosses my mind. Sometimes it will be introspective, other times it could just be me talking about how I had an hour long conversation with an old lady about how much we love our cats. Regardless of what you see, it is 100% authentically me. I am simply, openly close-minded.

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